Monday, November 17, 2008

Updates and Efficient Cooking....

Updates.... The parenting class I teach twice a month went GREAT! We had a wonderful discussion about building positives into our children's lives. We have had good attendance and new parents. I feel "in my element" when I am teaching. My husband and I had a good talk on Friday evening.... I really LOVED my part time job running the parent education program for pregnant high risk women and teens. I also really LOVE teaching the parenting class for the pregnancy center. I was complaining that I can't make any money doing those things that I love (and believe God has gifted me it). I admit I was feeling down... My husband gently reminded me that it isn't all about money and that making a difference is more important than any amount of money... he also reminded me to have an ETERNITY focus, not looking at the "money reward" we want to earn on earth. GOOD REMINDER! Here I am reading books on being Eternity minded and I slip into a "feel sorry for myself" attitude, because I am not able to earn money doing what I love to do... teach (Isn't that just how it is... we are growing in the knowledge of God and the enemy comes with an attack....) I am glad that God gave me a wise husband that loves me through a "feel sorry for me" session, but brings me out re-focused on what really matters... Serving God and others with our strengths and talents. God has me where I am supposed to be... at home nurturing up our children and tending to the home. I can serve others on a volunteer basis just like I have been doing. My skills are not being "wasted", but rather strengthened and developed as I use them teaching my children and managing our home.

Ok... On to "EFFICIENT COOKING" (Which is a skill God has helped me develop as I strive to become a wise manager of our home). I have posted about how I brown ground meat in an effient way to save time and mess. Over the weekend I cooked a large roast (along with potatoes) in the crock pot. EASY and yummy. After we ate our dinner we had plenty of roast left for me to shred and freeze for using later. When I use it later I call it "FAST TRACK" cooking. I will use it in something like vegetable beef soup, beef and noodles or bbq. It is wonderful knowing it is in the freezer so it makes for a FAST supper. Who needs frozen chicken nuggets, corn dogs or other frozen (expensive and unhealthy) meals in the freezer when you have "Fast Track" meat ready and waiting. With "Fast Track" browned ground meat I can have Tacos on the table in 10 minutes... can't bake a froze pizza that fast! Using "Efficient and Fast Track" cooking has saved me so much time, money and junk in our bodies! I teach this process and use "Efficient and Fast track" cooking in the menus I plan for Simple Family Supper. (Simple Family Supper does use my love of teaching and my love of cooking and I do earn money from it.. I have a lot to be thankful for!) Save Time, save mess, save money! Give this roast recipe a try:

EASY crock pot Roast
1 large roast.. BEEF, PORK or VENISON (size depends on how much you want to freeze for later) (I usually cook a 3-4 lb roast)
1 pkt dry Italian salad dressing mix
3/4 cup water

Put the meat in the crock pot (you can also arrange carrots and potatoes around the meat). Mix together the seasoning mix and water, pour on top of roast. Cover and cook on LOW 8-12 hours or on HIGH 5-7 hours until meat is tender. (when I make it this way the meat is so tender it just falls apart... YUMMY!)
Shred and freeze remaining meat in labeled freezer bags! ENJOY!

A friend of mine emailed me for an easy roast recipe.. I gave her this one and another one... she said it was EASY and they loved it. Have a great day!


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tammi said...

I really need to start using my crockpot more. I guess I don't because I'm home all day and am not that involved in "extracurricular" activities. I do love a good fork-tender roast though...... mmmmmmmmmm.