Friday, November 7, 2008

Choosing simplicity.... cloth pull ups!

Potty training and pull-ups seem to go hand in hand... but they cost a fortune! It seemed that my youngest two had day time down about 6 months before they were consistently dry over night. I hated using disposable pull ups so I ordered some cloth ones from my friend, Brook. Brook is an excellent seamstress and sews cloth diapers and other baby things for her 5 children and as a home based business. Her quality is excellent and her prices are reasonable! Using the cloth pull ups at night meant that I NEVER had to buy disposable again. They were easy to use, easy to wash. I more than made up the cost of the cloth diapers and saved the landfills from another stash of pull-ups! Choosing Simplicity meant no more disposables and meant supporting mom owned home business.
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