Thursday, November 13, 2008

Building Positives!

Twice a month I facilitate a parenting program for a local Pregnancy Center. In my "old life" I ran a pregnancy/parenting program for at risk women and teens. I LOVED my job, I enjoy teaching and encouraging. God brought me home (5 years ago) to focus on my family and I have learned to LOVE my job here with my family. However, I have the opportunity to serve with this parenting class. Tonight we are going to be talking about how powerful "labels" are... how destructive negative ones can be and how empowering positive ones can be. We can ALL remember a negative remark made about us... it hits hard and sticks deep. Hopefully you can also remember a time someone said something positive about you... it builds you up and encourages you to do it again.

Parents attending the parenting class have the opportunity to do "home work" to earn more baby bucks" to spend at the Pregnancy Center's store (diapers, clothes, equipment, etc). The following is the worksheet I created to use with the group tonight. I have also printed off four copies to use myself... I am going to fill one out for each of my children and give it to them... something to hold on to and read about the positives I believe for them! I need to be reminded of this as much as the next parent... our words hold so much power... for good or bad! (I apologize for the font size.. for some reason it is showing up SO BIG! It isn't this big on the worksheet.)

Building Positives into our Children!

Human nature naturally falls to the negative, it takes an act of will to focus on the positive. Positives BUILD, Negatives TEAR DOW!! Choose to BUILD up with POSITIVES!

In the boxes below fill out at least THREE positive things you want for your child (or positive character traits you want for your child) in each of the following areas. Focusing on the positives will overcome the negatives. Don’t label a child with a negative trait or it will stick and tear them down…. Build your child up with positive comments/ labels and it will build them up!

Growth and Development: (example: enjoys learning new things)

Sleep: (example: has a schedule)

Health and Nutrition: (example: tries new foods)

Behavior: (example: shares toys)

Faith/Belief in God:

(Example: Believe in God)


(Example: is kind)


(Example: Desires to learn)


(example: loves to read)

Work Ethic:

(Example: picks up toys)


(example: cheerful)


(example: smiles a lot)

Long Term Future:

(example: complete schooling)



On Purpose said...

Dear Heavenly Father I pray for this parenting class tonight. I know you will work through your daugther Heather as she leads people to Your heart to be the parents You created them to be. Get all the glory God in the room tonight-Amen

tammi said...

This is such a good idea, Heather! Too often, I focus on the things I DON'T like about my kids and being a parent. I need to write this out and hang it somewhere here by the computer so I'm easily reminded!

So how'd the class go?