Sunday, November 2, 2008

Its my fall tradition.....

Every Fall I have taken pictures of my kids in the leaves. It has become a fun childhood tradition in our family. Here are the pictures from this year. It hasn't been the most beautiful fall... to warm and dry (you won't hear me complaining about the warmth)! The past few days we have had highs in the the 60s! Yeah!

Above is Ethan (5 1/2), below is Robyn (9 1/2).

Now below, for our oldest, Wesley. He turned 11 in June and is already 5ft 4 in... taking after his DAD! (Chris is 6ft, 6in)

Now for my baby, Nate... FOUR years old! Where does the time go??!! He had a lot of fun this year taking pictures.. he can be such the ham!

Fall pictures is my favorite fall tradition.... Thanksgiving food is my second favorite. I know that these years of pictures will be favorites of ours to look back on. Plus I can only imagine how much money I have saved over the years taking these pictures. My youngest has NEVER even been to a photo studio... (Thanks, Chris, for the great camera!)



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Anonymous said...

I love doing this! We take a pic of the kids under the Christmas tree every year. We already cherish them and they aren't even that old yet!

On Purpose said...

These are GREAT pictures! What beautiful children you have been gifted.

I would love to steal your idea and take pictures of the boys out in the leaves but ares here are all wet...the refreshing Rain!

Leanne said...

Your fall photos is what started our fall photos! Robyn looks just like you! minus the curly hair!! The boys are adorable...the Pyramid picture is my favorite! Its nice you have a great camera. Ours is okay...but not good for those "portrait" quality shots.
Thanks for the comment on my blog..
Your prayer brought tears to my eyes. Thank you...