Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wearing skirts and keeping it possible??

If you enjoy wearing skirts but don't like to be cold, then you and I are in the same boat! I wear skirts about 80% of the time in the summer, but in the cold months not as much.... till now!! (I am a modest dresser, but not skirt only... I have a lot of respect for anyone that chooses to be skirts only. I do not wear shorts but do wear capris and do have some favorite jeans.) Over the weekend my hubby purchased a pair of terramar thermal pants for me to wear deer hunting (and for skirt wearing). I have one thing to say after wearing them all day yesterday (I did have to go outside on several occasions and it was WINDY and COLD).... WARM!! WARM!! In fact, warmer than if I had on my favorite pair of jeans!!! Amazing! It is a two layered pant... the inner layer is fleece and the outer layer is made to be a wind barrier! It works!!!!!! I know I will stay warmer while deer hunting and now I can wear my favorite long skirts all winter without freezing every time I step outside. The fit is great and look like tights... they don't look like long jons!

Walmart also carries a wide selections of "leggings" now that leggings are back in fashion. I have NO intention of wearing them as fashion dictates, but they will work great under my long skirts. I picked up a black pair and a ribbed brown pair for $7. These won't be as warm as the terramar ones, but they will work for days I am mostly inside. Being cold is torture in my book.... anything to stay warm!

How do you deal with skirts in the cold weather?? Also, what kinds of shoes do you wear with your skirts in the winter.... summer is easy: sandals... but winter is still a bit confusing to me!


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