Friday, November 7, 2008

Choosing Simplicity... enjoying a busy day!

Do you see that sign??? Wow, do I LOVE that!!! I took that picture yesterday afternoon. I had filled up earlier for $2.16 and could fill up the van for $30!! YEAH!

"The Boys" (our youngest two) and I had a busy day.... Nate had to have a filling at the dentist at 8:30 and then they each had 30 minutes of speech from 10:30-11:30. Nate did GREAT at the dentist and we went to the park and PLAYED till time for speech.

It was a beautiful day and I knew that a front was going to move in later in the afternoon, so we spent some more time playing in the leaves after speech! FUN!!

Nate and Ethan LOVE to climb trees. They are such great friends for each other. God has blessed us with a family full of "friends".
We have told our children that they are each others "Best Friends" from the moment of birth. My sister and I are best friends and I pray that my children are able to have such life long friendships!

The last picture in the leaves before we headed for the grocery store.

Choosing Simplicity means enjoying the moment. ENJOYING, soaking it up!
We soaked up the sunshine and the WARM temperatures.... today it is much cooler and wet outside.


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Anonymous said...

We're still at $2.49 but that's better than it has been...I'll take it rather than the opposite direction!