Monday, November 24, 2008

Week at a glance....

It is my FAVORITE week... THANKSGIVING!! The BEST holiday... not touched by commercialism! Yeah! I will be busy baking and cooking, both things I love to do!

Monday: Finish up last touches to the December Simple Family Supper, home School pre-school, make home made noodles and all the daily duties around the house. Wes has basketball practice in the evening. (By the way, his team WON on Saturday.... Wes had several steals, assists and scored points! We are so proud of him! He is a TALL (5' 4") asset to his 5th grade team!

Tuesday: Publish December's Simple Family Supper, Daily Duties around the house, home school preschool and take our oldest two to the orthodontist to GET ON BRACES!!!!!!! WOW!! We are driving an hour to Illinois to go to a great doctor (and much more affordable). He is such a blessing to our finances... He is GIVING us Robyn's braces for FREE because he "doesn't charge for self confidence". She just needs her two front teeth taken care of (at this point till she finishes loosing the rest of her baby teeth). Thank you Dr. Martin!! Tuesday evening hubby and I will butcher up the doe he got Saturday evening.

Wednesday: Home school preschool, house cleaning (or as flylady calls it, house blessing) and cooking! Wes and Robyn only have a half day of school. Wes had Basket ball practice in the evening.

Thursday: THANKSGIVING with family!!!

How is your week shapping up??? ENJOY some FUN time with your family!!!


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