Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Long time..... Not sure I will ever have any readers again!

 Life has a way of taking what we think is important and clearing away the cobwebs to reveal what truly matters.  God used our son's battle with leukemia to wake us up.  Wake me up.  I haven't written on here in a long time because all of *my* passion for writing about things just seemed to vanish.... all that mattered to me was my son and our family. 

Wes completed a bone morrow transplant in April 2013. He was able to be in remission until April of 2014.  Now we are at the fight again.  VICTORY is already won because GOD is BIGGER than leukemia.  IF you are interested in following his journey and our journey of faith please click the link on my side bar.  Life has not been easy the last 2 years, but we have grown so very much.

Choosing Simplicity has meant focusing on the only thing that is completely true: whether we each live but 1 day or 100 years our time on earth is short.  The only thing lasting is eternity.  Our relationship with Jesus determines our eternity and it determines the peace and strength we have for living the life we have here on earth. We live without fear!  We live knowing that we have Jesus covering our eternity!!  God's peace through salvation takes away all the deep stress in life!!

Have a BLESSED day,