Sunday, November 9, 2008

Choosing Simplicity with "Thanksmas"

My wise Grandmother (pictured here with my sister) created a family tradition MANY years ago... Choosing Simplicity means you do what works for the family. (Click here to see the "tour Tuesday" post I did about her for her 84th birthday) She (and Grandpa when he was living) travel to Texas for the winter. She hated missing Thanksgiving and Christmas so she combined the two and we celebrate the first Saturday in November. Thanksgiving food and Christmas gifts. She decorates the tables for Thanksgiving, but always has some Christmas deco out, too! This year my Aunt brought a little silver tree with lights (from Hallmark).
If anyone left hungry it was there own fault! There was enough food for an army! Grandma has always been a wonderful cook!

We had a wonderful day at her Condo yesterday.... It was COLD out so they parked her car outside and set up the garage for a place for the kids to play... they had a blast!

In the other picture you can see my Grandmother looking on with a smile as some of her Great-Grands open her gifts. (left to right: my Ethan, my sister's Kenna, my Robyn and my sister's Wyatt)

So, Happy Thanksmas!!!
Choosing Simplicity means celebrating in a way that works for your family, not in the way "everyone" does!!



Erin said...

awww what a sweet idea.

tammi said...

What a great idea! Looks and sounds like a wonderful day!