Friday, November 21, 2008

Blessing or Curse or Both????

Is the computer a blessing or a curse in living out our real life?? Specifically the internet. Is it both a blessing and a curse?? Does it bless or curse daily life as we strive to live out the plan and purpose God has given us to fulfill?? These are heavy questions my heart has been pondering.

Truthfully, I don't really like the answer I keep hearing as I pray and think about it... it is more of a curse than a blessing for me. Too much time sitting in front of the computer than actively involved in the life God has given me to live out! Yes, there is a TON of great things on-line (obviously staying away from the crap), but it can suck the life right out of me as I let the minutes slip away......

A good indication of how much control the computer has is by measuring the amount of time spent ON the computer and the amount of time spent THINKING about the next time on the computer. hmmmm... for me, TOO much! YUCK! How much of my identity is wrapped up in the person I am when I am on the computer??

Being a friend on the computer is easy. Being a wife on the computer is easy. Being a Martha Stewart on the computer is easy. Being a christian on the computer is easy. Real life is NOT easy. Escaping to the world wide web to avoid real life.... guilty.

Am I the only one?? What is the solution?? Where do I go from here??
I am joining up with "Life my life with purpose" for the next 40 days to seek God for direction. I want to fulfill HIS plan and purpose for my life... In REAL life.


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tammi said...

Oh, Heather, you are NOT alone. That last paragraph sums it up perfectly.

I struggle with this all the time, but I'm not quite ready to just give up blogging and Facebooking completely. When I think about how much time it actually takes to write 3 or 4 posts a week and to keep fairly up to date with the blogs I follow, it doesn't take NEARLY the amount of time that I actually spend sitting here.

That's where my problem comes in ~ I keep hoping something will have happened on my blog, in my blogosphere, in my email inbox, or on Facebook, so that I can put off "real life" just a few more minutes.

I really need to work at developing some self-discipline in this area.