Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall pictures!!

Every fall I enjoy taking pictures of my children, Wes (14) Robyn (12) Ethan (8) Nate (7).  It is a fun tradition that I have done since my oldest son was just a baby!  Here is a sneak peak......still editing some of the others.  Taking their pictures as a group is a challenge requiring some posing creativity.  Our Wesley is 6"4" and the other 3 are all between 4'6" and 4'11" making a HUGE height difference between Wes and the others.  Robyn really hates that her brother is almost 2 ft taller than her even though he is less than 2 years older (not that she wants to be 6' 4".... just is on the short side).  I tried really hard this year to "even out" their heights for the pictures.

Also, for the FIRST time ever we had our FAMILY picture taken by a professional…. kind of hard to be IN the picture if I’m always the one taking them!  LOL!  Really looking forward to getting those pictures back!  She also took some really great pictures of my husband and I…. we haven’t had our picture taken since our wedding… only 15 years ago!