Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I will admit that Christmas has never been a favorite of mine... don't get me wrong, I am in awe, reverence and am eternally grateful for our Savior.... I just find all the expectations and work of modern Christmas to be exhausting. It never seems like enough... we are constantly bombarded with the "stuff" of Christmas. From the perfect tree, the gifts, the parties, the cards, the decorations, on and on... it is stressful! NOT this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am glad that ValleyGirl is hosting this! Thank you, Tammi!

This year is going to be a SIMPLE celebration of our Savior... for without him I would be eternally lost! Because of HIS grace, I have an eternity in heaven to look forward to! I am in awe of HIS love for me and I want this to be expressed in Christmas.

We are going simple: home made gifts from the heart, simple things I have picked up throughout the year and time spent together, making memories not stress! Letting go of perfection and enjoying each moment for what it is, not some preconceived notion of what it was supposed to be like. How often does that happen?? Measure a moment by some ideal in my head for what it was supposed to be like...... rather than celebrate and enjoy life for what it is? Setting myself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations????

Yesterday I put together this year's Christmas Control Binder (Flylady has one ready for you to print off). Flylady also has wonderful ideas for clutter free gifts. Having a Christmas control binder is something I started doing 3 years ago... it REALY helps!!! Knowledge is power and knowing what I am going to do is half the battle. Also, having the spending plan down on paper is great. I now have the plan.... what I am making/giving to each one on our list. Keeping things simple and doing something each day so that it isn't a last minute rush.

I already have many gifts that I have collected through the year as I have found them. Today I am going to pick up wraping paper and wrap up some gifts. Wrapping is something that I used to wait till last minute to do.... the past couple of years I would start wrapping EARLY and it was a HUGE stress reducer. Usually I buy wrapping paper after Christmas when it is marked down... I don't know why, but for some reason I didn't pick any up last year... boy am I going to hate paying full price!

In all honesty, it is a heart issue. Today, in this moment, I am choosing to be simple! Choosing to be content and not longing for the preconceived perfect! Enjoying this season, building memories, focusing on the Grace we have been given by accepting Jesus as our Savior! Having an eternity perspective!! Blessing others in a way that builds up the kingdom of God, not just falling prey to the worlds way of Christmas. Enjoying and yet being sepparate... From Presents to Presence!!!!



On Purpose said...

Thank you Heather for posting this. This is a great testimony to the importance of simple. May God remind us all what truly matters...living to bring glory and honor to Him.

May you know you are loved by an amazing God today!

tammi said...

Okay, my post is finally up!! Mr Linky is now available!

I love that you pick up or make gifts all year long. I think every year I plan to do this ~ at least to start at the beginning of September, once we know who the girls' teachers for school and Sunday school are ~ but it never happens. I'll have to check out that FlyLady printout.

Thanks for playing along, Heather! I knew you'd have some wise thoughts and wonderful ideas ~ and I was not disappointed.

Irish Shorts said...

I love the FlyLady Christmas Control Guide!!! What a great idea. I love to organize, so it is right up my alley. Thanks for the info!

Susanne said...

Oh yes!! How could I have forgotten the Fly Lady!?!? Thanks for this great reminder!