Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Practicing Lent with a social media fast.....

The church we attend does not formally practice Lent.  However, we as a family believe in the value of fasting.  After all.... Jesus said "WHEN you fast".  We teach our children that giving up something our flesh loves/enjoys during the lent season we can grow closer to God.  When our flesh longs for the item we have given up we go to God instead.  It is a very real reminder that we are FLESH and that we NEED our Savior!!  During this time of lent we each prayerfully decide what to give up.

I am going to be giving up social media and blogs again this year.  I know I have not been blogging as much as I used to but I find that I spend way too much time on facebook.  Social media has its place, but for the time of lent it will not have a place in my life.  I did this same fast last year and was very blessed by it.

I am also giving up another fleshly love.... sugar!!  I must be crazy!  Yup!  Crazy about Jesus and I want to make HIM my source of comfort rather than that chocolate cake I love to bake and  eat.  I will tell you my family is a little concerned I will stop all baking and that they will be forced to give up sugar, too!  LOL!  I assured them that I will still produce a treat or two!

I ask that you pray for our family as we each fast during lent and pray for all individuals practicing Lent.  God has a great desire to be the number one priority in our life..... we just have the tendency to fill up our hearts with all kinds of other things instead.  See ya again in April!

Have a BLESSED day,

Friday, February 3, 2012


The DAILY MUNDANE of life needs to be broken up by CELEBRATING life!  I really love creating celebrations for our family to enjoy.  I make a BIG deal out of the usual Birthdays, but I also like to celebrate special days throughout the year and make members of our family (and friends) feel special and blessed.  It brings joy to the dailiness of life.

Ahhhh.... February, the traditional month of love!  My husband and I have never really celebrated Valentine's Day because we celebrate our "Dating Anniversary" on February 4th.  This year we celebrate 19 years!  Wow!  In May we will celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary.  LOVE!  

WAY BACK in February of 2008 I posted the following Frugal Love Game.  This is a FUN way to add a little spice and celebration to your marriage and worth a re-post! Break up the daily mundane of life with a little extra FUN in the ROMANCE department!

Simply Frugal Romance Game

Create some new fun in the Romance Department!!
It is easy to let things go as "usual" in the area of intimacy. However, with a little creativity this game helps mix things up!

The Love Dice
This game can be purchased, but why when you can make it yourself for next to nothing
(and it will be personalized just to your style).

What you need to make the game:
* 1 dice
* 1 3*5 card

Directions to make the game:
* On the 3*5 card number it 1-6
* Next to each number list an action (kiss, touch, show... etc... this is a G rated site... be creative)

How to play:
*Each take a turn rolling the dice three times in a row....
*Then the spouse follows the numbers and does what the card says
(for example, He rolls a 3, then a 5, then a 1... so you will do what the card says for 3, then for 5, then for 1)
*Take turns
*Have fun... don't be surprised if you ditch the dice after a turn takings... it has a way of creating the mood!

Have a BLESSED day,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Loving in the right LOVE language

Do you know what your LOVE LANGUAGE is??  What about your loved ones??  This is a great online quiz resource from Gary Chapman, author of the book The Five Love Languages.

My husband and I took the quiz a while back and I was surprised by the results.... I thought I KNEW what his love language was!  Now I know how to SPEAK in the right language.... makes him feel much more loved!

They also have one on there for teens.... my daughter is going to take it now .......she has been watching me type this up and her interest is piqued! 

If you take the quiz, or already have before, leave a comment and share what your love language is!