Sunday, November 23, 2008

Odds and Ends......

Things I am THANKFUL for and the "Question of the Week":

Thankful for:
  • Deer Meat!!! This is a picture of my hubby and our youngest, Nate, with the Buck Chris got a few weeks ago with his bow. Last night he added a doe with his shotgun! We will butcher it up Tuesday evening. God is SO GOOD and faithfully provides for all of our needs!
  • Fun Shoes!!! I am not really a "shoe gal", but I couldn't pass up these fun finds at goodwill. They are so old fashioned and fun... my hubby just laughs (in a nice way)!
  • WARM heat coming from the wood stove!!! If feels SO good!!
  • Healthy Children... it is so hard on this Mama to see my children sick... they are all over their colds.
  • EXTRA sleep over the weekend... I was out by 8:30 Friday evening! It was WONDERFUL!!

Question of the week:
"This question was given to us during the message at church this morning. Our pastor really challenged us to look at our lives, our attitudes and our personalities to see if they are lining up with the word of God. He challenged us to answer this question about ourselves (honestly): "What adjectives describes you best??" hmmmmm..... that one makes a person really think.... Do I have to be honest????? Can I put down what I *hope* or *want* it to be??


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tammi said...

Sounds like you and I have many of the same things to be thankful for!! We've got a couple of deer hanging in our shed, waiting to go to the meat-cutter, and our woodstove is warming our house very nicely! I'd have to say that's my favourite thing about winter. (more accurately, the only thing I actually LIKE about winter!!)