Friday, October 31, 2008

Putting some things in perspective....

Christmas seems to cause even us "frugal" people to be challenged!
I saw this video over at Valley Girl. God has already been leading me to think of ways that we can reach out to others right now. Our culture has made Christmas in to one CRAZY time. All the frenzy, all the money, all the expectations don't bring real satisfaction. Only Jesus can fill up the need for unconditional love that we all have in our hearts. This Christmas I challenge you to reach beyond the normal frenzy and give in ways that can make a REAL difference for someone.

There are all kinds of wonderful Christian organizations that are working to spread the gospel as well as make practical life changes with people that desperately need our help. We enjoy participating in Samaritan's purse. Each of our 4 children fills a shoe box for another kid of their same age/gender. It helps our kiddos focus on making Christmas for a child that won't get a gift otherwise. Storing up Treasures in Heaven!

Choosing Simplicity in Christmas is possible. As Flylady says, give the gift of experiences, not more clutter. One way to understand how little Christmas gifts mean in the long run is to sit down as a family and ask your family to share some of their best memories from last Christmas........THEN ask everyone to tell you what they got (and from whom) last Christmas.... This is an eye opening experience. Somehow the gifts loose significance over time, but the relationships the experiences are not forgotten.

Check out the video...! It makes a great case for less!
Have you been feeling the pull to simplify Christmas? What has been on your heart?
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tammi said...

Yeah, we do the Samaritan's Purse thing, too. This year, I think I'll actually take the girls shopping with me so they can pick out what they'd like to give.

I'm sadly lacking in the creativity department when it comes to homemade gifts or "time gift" ideas, so I'm already scouring the Internet in hopes of inspiration. You know, before I'm at the point where all I have time to do is rush out and buy a useless gift!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I loved that video!! Sums it up SOO well. Going to post that over on my blog too :) Thanks!

Abbi said...

That is a great video and I appreciate the post. My family didn't celebrate Christmas for years because of what it is in most peoples lives. We do celebrate it now but very simply and we have fun making homemade gifts together and just spending time!
I am hosting "A Homemade Christmas" every Monday over at my blog. And I would love for you to join me. I am planning on setting up a Mr. Linky so that everyone can post about homemade Christmas ideas and then add their link over at my blog. I am hoping we can all have a fun and simple Christmas!

On Purpose said...

Great video! Thanks so much for sending "simplicity" to my inbox today! What a great treat to open my email and see the words your a winner!

I am going to enjoy reading through the plan...this high maintenance girl welcomes simplicity!!

Thank you my friend!