Monday, May 12, 2008

Tour Tuesday

Tour Tuesday....!
This week my maternal Grandmother is celebrating her 84th Birthday! She is an amazing woman... I thought that for Tour Tuesday I would share with you all how many ways I "see" her hand in my home! She is such a blessing to all that know her..... she is a very generous person, always giving of her time, talents, wisdom, smiles, resources. She has taught me many wonderful things throughout my life and we have had many wonderful times. Go with me on a tour throughout my home to see some of the ways she warms our home:

Lets start in the kitchen.... I have soooo many memories of time spent in the kitchen with my Grandmother. From baking cookies, to thanksgiving dinners, to making apple sauce. In my kitchen I use half gallon jars she gave me to store dry goods....... It makes me smile every time I open them! My Grandmother was a farm girl, a farm wife and is still a tough farm lady (even though she now lives in town)!

Grandma started quilting the year she turned 70! She made these "name" wall hangings for us... The kids love having their names on the wall!

This is the chair I purchased with the birthday gift she gave me last year..... Grandma loves to read and so do I! It is an unusual rocker with the built in magazine holder.

Here you see the "texture" quilt she made for our oldest when he was a baby. She had her friends help her find as many different textures of material they could find and she made this blanket for him to feel. He loved it and so did the other three!

This wall hanging quilt Grandma made for us as a house warming gift when we purchase our home and three acres! It hangs in our sitting room next to the wood stove....

This shelf is in our dining room. The crock came from Grandma's collection, the dried German statice came from a plant she gave me, the picture on the left is my grandfather's (her husband) high school graduation picture. The picture on the right is a picture on my 3 year old grandmother and HER mother. My grandmother was born in 1924, so this picture was taken in 1927.

Here is my little Nate sleeping tonight snuggled up in the quilt my grandma helped me finish for him before he was born. I put together the top and she did the binding and tied it together. He loves his BLANKET!

Grandma sold the homestead farm in 2004. It had been in the family 125 years. It was a sad, but necessary time.... the international tractor came home to live with us.....

Grandma saw this quote when my youngest were first born.... it reminded her so much of me she put it together for me... it hangs in our dining room.....

This is an antique basket that she gave me..... it was once used as the garden basket.

My oldest, Wes, was CRAZY about trains when he was little. She found this puzzle picture for him and he still till this day has it hanging above his bed. (He will be 11 in June)

There are many other things in our home that remind us daily of the love and legacy Grandma has given us. She love the Lord with all her heart and is a faithful example of God's love..... I am very blessed to have her in my life... still so healthy and strong at 84 years young!
Thank you for joining me on my Tour Tuesday. Happy Birthday, Grandma! I love you!!!

Grandma with my youngest, Nate.

Join me for "Tour Tuesday"! Post a tour of some kind on your blog and leave your link below! I can't wait to see into your life!!!!!!
Have a great day!

My Grandmother is a wonderful cook! She taught me a lot about preparing food for a family! She prepared dinner for a family of 9 for years......
It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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Anonymous said...

What a fun post, I enjoyed it so much. I love that texture quilt. That was a really great idea!

tammi said...

Ooo, it's all official, with a Mr. Linky and everything! Cool!

Heather, this was such a beautiful tour ~ and tribute. You're so fortunate to have so many memories of such a wonderful woman, and to still have her around. Both my grandmothers were gone by the time I turned 12 and we didn't live close enough to them to see more than a few times a year.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful woman! Thanks for the tour. Gen

Dawn said...

This was a really sweet tour! Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman. How blessed you are to have to many memories!

Deborah said...

This is such a great idea...I wish I'd known about it earlier in the day! But I decided to enter anyway, as my garden is open to tours every day, and my post for today was 'Where I Am from.'
Thank you for such a lovely tour!

Valarie Lea said...

I am going to have to get together some pictures and join this it looks fun! I love the quilts your grandmother made and the name things are really cool.

Unknown said...

I found your blog through the Manitoba Garden blog!

Lovely tribute!!☺

Anonymous said...

Heather, Mom had me check your site--what a wonderful tribute to mom! Thank you so much -- as we all know, she is a one-of-a-kind, angel on earth!

Hugs to everybody there! Great site!

Love, Aunt Marcia

Paula said...

Heather- I'll be giving a tour tomorrow... I hope you can stop by my place for a visit!!
I love your photos- they're great!

Anonymous said...

Love your tour! Isn't wonderful to have so many wonderful reminders of your grandma! But to be able to share her with your children is the greatest gift of all, huh. (i get to share mine iwth my 6 yo and 8 yr old)