Saturday, March 1, 2008

Simply Interesting!

Yesterday I had the AMAZING opportunity to go to the library WITHOUT any children. Now don't get me wrong, I take my kiddos to the library nearly every week, but to have the opportunity to browse the shelves and linger over interesting books was a BLESSING!!! I ended up with a basket full of books and DVDs, something for everyone. One of my finds was this book: A Slice Of Organic Life by Goldsmith.
  • Has wonderful ideas for everyone... town folk and country folk
  • Tips on everything from gardening, to diapers, cooking to traveling.
  • Explore little things you can do to make a BIG difference.
  • Chock full of old-fashioned living presented with modern flare.
  • Info on raising animals to foraging for mushrooms, making flavored oils and vinegars to controlling household pests.
  • Container Garden!!!
I think this book is definetly worth seeking out if you want to make some "simple life" choices. I was encouraged to see how many things I was already doing and inspired to try some more!

Have a great weekend!

It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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houseofeling said...

sounds like a good book...I just might have to check it out!