Thursday, March 13, 2008

When stress starts to take over......

I have an incredible full plate right now!!! For the next two weeks! Anyway, it could be easy for me to get swallowed up in the stress of it all and make myself sick (stress headaches are BAD) and make my family sick of me!! (I have done this in the past) LOL!! This would be the WRONG WAY for me to live!

Anyway, yesterday I sat down and wrote EVERYTHING out day by day. It helped me to see that YES, I can get it all done if I stay focused!
Also, during my Bible reading time I read in Galatians the passage about the fruit of the Spirit. What is it that God was trying to say to me?? He will help me get all my stuff done, He wants me to get it all done and be walking in the Spirit... with the fruits of the spirit evident. If I get on the "stressed out" band wagon I will not be living out love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control.

Last night I found myself getting STRESSED out! I just STOPPED! I was starting to go the WRONG way!!! I prayed and changed my attitude! With God's help I can get everything done and still be pleasant to be around! For me having a simple life means getting back to the basics of the fruits of the Spirit! God will help me get everything done, best to have an attitude and life that lines up with Him!

What do you do to keep yourself from jumping on the "stressed out" band wagon?

One stress I don't have is "what is for supper?" My menu is all planned out!!! Tonight we are having our weekly family tradition of pizza! Do you want to eliminate this stress from your life? visit me at Give the sample menu a try!


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