Friday, March 21, 2008

Frugal Friday......deviled eggs

We eat a lot of eggs in our family. Having Chickens helps that! Anyway, my family loves deviled eggs so I have two tips to save you money, time and mess when making them:

1) Use OLDer eggs for boiling..... fresh ones will NOT peel! I can not make deviled eggs with my own fresh eggs... unless I mark a dozen in the fridge and then wait 6 weeks to use them. Buy eggs on mark down because they are at their sell by date. I bought 2 dozen last week at $.95 each for that reason.

2) To save time and eliminate mess I have a nifty tip! Put the yokes in a quart size zip lock bag. Add your other ingredients and zip the bag shut. Use your hands to mash and smash till the yoke mixture is smooth. Now here is the best part. Cut a small piece off one bottom corner and SQUEEZE the yoke mixture into the eggs like you would frost a cake.... NO mess... just throw away the bag when you are done!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Happy Easter!!!! Enjoy some eggs!

I love saving time and mess in the kitchen!
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Anonymous said...

I hate it when the egg shell comes off in little pieces. Thanks for the tip!

Mom2fur said...

I actually bought my Easter eggs several weeks ago for the very reason you posted...because fresh eggs get all smashed up when you try to peel them!
I have found it helps to break the shell all over and peel from the big end. This breaks the membrane inside and the shell slides right off.

tammi said...

I stumbled onto your site when I randomly clicked a link from Biblical Womanhood's Frugal Friday post and I'm instantly adding you to my favourites!!

Julie Willis said...

What a wonderful tip! I actually went back to a cook book this weekend because I thought I was making my hard boiled eggs wrong! Well the eggs I used from my last shopping trip (2 1/2 weeks ago) peeled wonderfully. Then we did a huge batch to color and I followed the time table again. The only difference was that I had just picked these eggs up a couple of days ago. Well guess what? They are not peeling! So thank you! Now I'm armmed with the secret! Julie

SouthAsiaRocks said...

here's a great way to save time peeling eggs!!
It made me think ofyou :)

Anonymous said...

Great tip! I'll use it the next time I make deviled eggs.