Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 minute Tuesday, Pursuing God

10 minute Tuesday as hosted by faithfulchick:

I participate in a weekly "mom's group" Bible study. We are transitioning to a new study next week, but God laid this on my heart for us to do this week. God really touched my heart on Sunday with a message on Pursuing God Encounters..... God wants encounters with us!!!! I am focusing on pursuing God this week! Take 10 minutes to Pursue God!

Pursuing God

Pursue (to put forth an effort, to focus, to spend time and energy, to be determinied,) encounters with our God Almighty. He desires to have 2 way communication with us. He longs to spend time with us!

Getting Real:

Pursuing God comes at a cost. We all only have 24 hours a day and our days are full. What are you willing to give up to Pursue God? What are the other things in my life that I pursue? Where does God fall on the scale of my focus?

Bring it to reality:

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being extremely little, 10 being very much) how much time (of the 24 hours given to us) do you spend pursuing the following: (this is not to say that the activities listed below are bad…. Most of them must be done) Just be honest about the time you spend on these activities: Rate on the scale of 1-10

Sleeping ________

Eating ________

Outward Beauty ________

Chores/housework ________

Laundry ________

Cooking/baking ________

Work ________

Time with husband ________

Romance ________

Taking care of kids ________

Fun time with kids ________

Organization ________

Shopping/acquiring ________

Money ________

Paying Bills ________

Friendships ________

Hobbies ________

Seeking attention ________

Reading ________

TV ________

Computer ________

Planning ________

Church ________

Volunteering ________

Extended Family ________

Phone ________

Running errands ________

Children’s Activities _______

Negative thinking _______

Worry _______

Praise and worship _______

Prayer _______

Listening to God _______

Time in the Word _______

Journaling _______

Bible Studies _______

Outreach to others _______

Hospitality _______

Other:_______ _______

Other:_______ _______

Other:_______ _______

Other:_______ _______

Other:_______ _______

Now it is more clear what things I spend my greatest time and energy pursuing. Am I giving God any reason to be “Jealous”? Where is my focus? What do I spend a lot of time pursuing:



How Can I make pursuing encounters with God a reality? What is the plan? What will I need to reduce my time on in order to have more time to pursue God? ____________________________


Follow up: Encounters with God

This week I changed some of my “pursuing” habits in the following ways: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Encounters with God: Share anything you feel comfortable sharing about your time spent pursuing God. What did you learn? What did you hear? What did you experience? How did you grow?


How did the “cost” of giving up time in other areas affect you? Are there some things that you found you need to spend more time on? How about balance? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What does pursuing God mean to you now? How does this impact daily life? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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