Thursday, March 20, 2008

Choosing Simplicity......when you have a mouse in your room!!!

OK, I will fess up! I profess to be a "country girl" but I HATE mice! After a mouse ran up my arm when I reached in the chicken feed bin two years ago I immediately called a neighbor with extra barn cats and promptly went and picked a couple up! Since then we have had a cat population growth (a common happening with barn cats) and we now have 7. I haven't seen a LIVE mouse in the barn since. YEAH!!!

However, last winter we still had some mice find their way into our house... YUCK! I went on a massive mission to find where they were getting in and plugged a few spots with steel wool. I almost let some of the cats inside the house after I experienced the worst mouse incident of my life. WARNING!!! Do not read further if you want to sleep through the night any time soon!!!

Are you still reading?? I gave you fair warning!!!!

Last winter I woke up during the night to hear "mouse sounds"... you know that annoying scratching sound. The next morning I told my hubby (who could sleep through a train going in our room) and he was sure I was imagining things. (after all we have the cats now) I wasn't convinced, but relented that indeed, I could have been sleep disoriented. I will NEVER believe that again! The following night I didn't wake up to "mouse noises" instead I woke up because someone was pulling my hair.... oops I mean SOMETHING! I sat straight up and that little guy thunked down on the pillow!!!!! I was out of that bed faster than a lightening strike! I guess my mass of thick curly hair looked like great nest possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning (after I had slept the rest of the night with my daughter upstairs) I tore our bedroom apart. I did find mouse tracks under our bed and on the night stand beside my pillow. I completely re arranged our room and set up about a hundred mouse traps.... ok about 6. I also went and bought a large case of mouse poison cubes and tossed and tossed under the crawl space and in our basement. The result: 2 dead mice!!! I also slept for a week upstairs with our daughter..... it really took some convincing that the culprit was indeed dead.

Still to this day I sleep with mouse traps set by the head board of our bed! Two nights ago I heard "mouse sounds" in our room! NO!!!! Not again! It had been over a year and the terror was immediately re-lived.... what is a "country girl" to do in a moment like that? I chose simplicity.... I simply made a bee line up stairs and slept with our 3 year old!!!

Now I have again set up a major amount of mouse traps.... I am going to get that little guy before he has a chance to discover my hair!!!! I did manage to sleep in my own bed last night..... but only after making sure that the traps by my bed posts are ready and waiting!!!!! I kept one ear open....

It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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tammi said...

Haha, "what's for supper"!!! I have to laugh because I actually thought you were being sarcastic and witty to end your mouse post! (maybe I'm the only one with a twisted sense of humour like that!) Then, of course, I realized you were actually referring to a different page ~ and eating something entirely different from mouse stew for supper!!!!

We had mouse problems once and we let our two best mousing cats into the house for an hour. After that, it's NEVER been a problem again!!