Friday, February 15, 2008

Simply Saving Money!!!

Yesterday I read on Money Saving Mom that Kroger is having a sale on Pizza Pockets... and she gave links to coupons. Yeah! I was going there anyway so I printed off the coupons and went. I should have printed off more coupons..... I only had 6 and I bought 10. Anyway, I purchased:

10 Pizza pockets (reg price $1.99) sale priced at $1 = 10
Kroger Bonus - $2
Coupons (with doubles on some) - $6.50
Total I spent = $1.50 or .15 per box!!!!!!!!!!
I am new to this whole coupon thing!
I think I am going to like it!!!!!!

I also found SEVERAL yogurts marked down and some Kroger brand dip for $.10!!!
Thank you Lord for leading me to these GOOD deals.... God really helps stretch my husbands income!


It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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Amy said...

I love Kroger and they closed our local Kroger so now I have to travel farther (which makes it more difficult with two little ones in tow). That is such a great deal though- congrats!!

Mom2fur said...

Wow, that was some deal on the Pizza Pockets! Good for you!
And, oh, sure are going to like couponing! It's a real lift to pay practically nothing for things...and sometimes even to get them for free!

Marva said...

Great deals! I love Money Saving Mom's site! Couponing can really help stretch the $ with the Lord's help of course. Blessings!!!!