Monday, February 11, 2008

Simply Romance!

Since this is valentines week I am going to do some postings on ROMANCE!!! My hubby and I have never really gotten in to Valentines day for the simple fact that our "together" anniversary (from our first date) is February 5, 1993.
This Year we celebrated #15!!! Our 12th wedding anniversary is in May. Anyway, Romance is wonderful anytime of the year!

To start off with......
What is Romance???? For some interesting broadcasts from Family Life Today click here.
I listened to several of their broadcasts last week and found them to be very interesting. They talked a lot about the differences between men and women and our individual deffinitions of Romantic. We definitely have differences! That is ok, we just need to be aware of them.

For example, my hubby and I try to have a "Date Night" away from home once a month. Our last one ranked at the top of my husbands favorite date nights.... he thought it was Fabulous. I didn't have the exact same feelings about it.... it was fun and nice, but not "romantic" in my book. We had a very nice dinner at TGI Fridays (some of the best service we have ever had anywhere) and then we spent the remainder of the night going from one store to another looking at kitchen cabinets. I don't think he even held my hand once (other than when we prayed at dinner) and I know he didn't say anything romantic about me or our relationship. However, he loved it because he LOVES doing things for me. He takes his role as provider very seriously and he wants me to have a BEAUTIFUL kitchen..... (we won't be doing any extensive remodeling for several years, but that date did give us LOTS of ideas to go along with our plan. We also have now done some "temporary" (less than $500) remodeling to get us by till then... I will post pictures next week.) I enjoyed our Date because I was with HIM!! I didn't fuss once about it not being my ideal date, because just being alone with him was wonderful.....

We are different. That is ok, though challenging..... we won't have it "our" way every time.... we need to be willing to make time romantic in our own way and in their way, too. I think one of the biggest "romance" killers is unmet expectations..... I think a date should go X and when it doesn't I am let down.... hmmmm.... maybe I should have an open mind, then I will have a great time regardless of whether he holds my hand or not! I think that the biggest downer to valentines day is when things aren't as wonderful as we believe they should be. This week lets focus on creating romance without big expectations.... we can only control ourselves.

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