Monday, February 18, 2008

Simple can be smoky!!!

Who would have thought that living simply could be soooo complicated sometimes!?!?
Sunday morning was an example of a day I just wanted to through it all in, sell the "farm" and move to town! We heat with wood (seriously we can't afford to heat any other way) and sometimes the wood stove can have a mind of its own! Between a sick husband, BIG mud puddles (that my two youngest decided to walk THRU on the way out for church), two wet puppies and a smoking wood stove I really wondered about my sanity for choosing this "simple" life!!!!!! I sent the kids out to load up for Church while I told my (still in bed) sick hubby we were leaving. I walked out to find my youngest two standing in a GIANT mud puddle while my daughter was yelling for them to come out with out going in herself. Uggh!!!! Muddy wet shoes and pants to change... I went in for clean ones and while I was out for just those couple of minutes the wind shifted and came straight from the south... my stove has an animosity with south wind and instantly filled our home with smoke!!!! I hurried to open windows and close the draft on the stove..... there was now no way of escaping the "camp fire" smell that now perfumed me!!!! I sat down and cried! Looking back at it now it doesn't seem sooo bad, but we still missed church and I still had extra messy laundry...... I am SOOOO ready for summer!!!!!!

It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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