Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Good Old Days.........

Oh, if only we could go back to the "Good Old Days" when life was simple!!!! How many times have I thought that. Yet when I talk about the "old days" with my maternal Grandmother she always says the the "Good Old Days" were really a lot of work! Yes, they were simpler in some regards, but she worked from sun up till past sun down to care for her large family and farm hands. Just doing laundry was a 2 day a week job.... she had a wringer washer in the basement till 1988!

If the olden days weren't easy, they did at least live at a slower pace. They didn't have quite as many expectations for all the activities, events and lifestyle we face today. Debt was low, families were larger and most women were full time home makers.

It is my desire to CHOOSE each day to live a simple life.... if I don't choose it the natural tendency of our modern life is CHAOS! How do you choose simplicity? How do you keep your days from being ruled by CHAOS?? I would love to hear your ideas....

Have a Blessed Day!

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Marva said...

Hi Heather. I found you via momadvice. We are almost debt free. We own both vehicoles and our home. I think that in itself simplifies life a great deal. We also run a tight ship with budgets, schedules and meal plans. We also raise our own cattle and grow our own fruits and veggies. My Daddy and Hubby deer hunt to stock our freezers as well. I also do a lot of canning and freezing. These are just some of the ways we live our life.