Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to Basics

We have had some challenging behavior to deal with in our home. (Child's identity will be protected) Chris and I have decided to go "Back to the Basics" in our home and see if that helps.

*Eliminated the TV.... literally.... it is out in the garage

*Looked over the schedule.... get back on track
*Expectations Clearly written down

.......I wrote down the after school - evening schedule for all the children
....... If they complete everything without arguing or complaining then I will play a game with them from 7-7:30 before reading books (I still read aloud to all of the children. The younger 2 each pick out a story book and then I read a chapter out of the children's Bible for the older ones.)

Today went MUCH better and we had a fun game time!



Just Me said...

WOW! That's incredible! I'm very impressed. How old are your children???? Great post!

More than Survival said...

It is going well!!!!
Lady-in-the-Making: my children are 10,8,4,3 years old. The younger two are having more withdrawal... I have let them watch tooooo much TV! YUCK! This week has been great seeing their imagination come alive.