Friday, February 8, 2008

Real Expectations.....

Do you ever have days you want to just disappear from your reality? If you are like me I often wish I had a magic wand to wave at the dirty dishes, laundry and other messes. I would love to have a housekeeper like on the Brady Bunch..... Since neither of these options are viable for me I am learning to use real expectations. First and foremost I have to be honest with myself.... I cannot be everything for everyone and cannot do all that needs done in our home alone.

What are real expectations??? Simplicity boils things down to the bear essentials. I am determining what those are for myself and for our family. God says His burden is light.... I want that! I am the one who loads myself up with a lot of burden by placing expectations way toooooo high. God gives us each gifts and talents..... we are to use them to his Glory.... Trying to operate outside of our giftedness will only lead to stress. For example, I have a real life friend that is INCREDIBLE at decorating. Her home looks ready for a magazine spread at any given moment of every day (even with 2 young children). I have not been gifted in this area... when I try to live up to her house I am always stressed! That is NOT what God wants for me!!! I am tired of trying to fit myself into "everything"!!!! I have the gift of hospitality... I really enjoy having others over.... God wants me to extend love with the gifts I have, not to stress myself out trying to impress others with my decorating. (HA... that is not going to happen any time soon!) Creating an atmosphere of friendship does not require my house to be perfect! Praise God!!!!

Real expectations....... Keep it simple!!!!! Focus on the Gifts God has given!!! His burden is LIGHT!!

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