Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Choosing Anticipation

I am in a "Mom's Group" Bible study that meets once a week. Currently we are studying Songs of Solomon. It has been a wonderful study and we are a well bonded group (that helps with this topic). One member, Melissa, has been giving us weekly "challenges" for us to do. It has been such a fun thing.... we are all working on our marriages at the same time. Anticipation is a good thing... think about the way we anticipate Christmas, birthdays, vacations, sports events, shopping, etc. Creating anticipation in our marriage creates a spark! Anyway, here is a "challenge" from a couple of weeks ago:

Create Anticipation:
*Choose a day (one that you won't both be dog tired)
*Makes plans to get the kids to bed on time or early
*Create the anticipation by leaving a note in his vehicle, calling or emailing with a message that goes something like: "Can't wait to meet up with you tonight AFTER the kids are in bed. I want to _______ (fill in the blank... this is a G rated site!).
*Get a nap in... you will want some extra energy...
*Focus on the upcoming event... build up lots of positive excitement... anticipation
*Have FUN!!!!

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