Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tour Tuesday

As I stated in my first Tour Tuesday, I am a nosy person! I enjoy seeing other's homes, homesteads, animals, land, etc! I am working on setting up "mr linky" so that you can join me every Tuesday! Enjoy the tour!

I will start your tour at our mailbox, looking towards our home. We live in a 1911 house on 3 acres of heaven!

Now, below, you will see the view to the east I have out my front door! We live in the middle of some of the most fertile farm ground in the nation. The farmers have been busy planting corn the last couple of weeks. Soon I will be surrounded by the beautiful stuff. You can see my mailbox.... (to give you perspective)

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Now I am turning in... this is the view of the inside of my house from the front door. My hubby is an outdoors man so our living room is "his" room!

This is my view out the back door. We have some wonderful shade trees that do a great job of keeping the sun off the house in the summer. I am facing West in this picture. Do you see the fence area off the barn?? This is my fenced in garden area. To the right of the fenced in area is the orchard!

I am standing at the barn looking towards the house.........
We spend a TON of time out here when the weather is nice. We love the swing in the tree!
In fact, we have lived here 5 years and that is our second swing... we wore the first one out!

Now, lets turn inside again.... for the view in the back door. It opens up to our dining room. Notice snack is still on the table.

Snack! (very healthy, I know!)

I live 4.5 miles from a TINY town, 8 miles from a small town (school, library, grocery store, hardware store, restaurants, etc) and about 22 miles from a large town (home of Purdue University). However, from the view from my home it seems like we live in the middle of NO WHERE!!! To give you an idea of how rural I am.... take a look down the road from my mail box....

Looking South.... See the tiny dot of barns?? That is about 1.5 miles down the road...

Now looking North..... again, see the dot of house and barns in the distance?? That is about 2/3 mile down the road....... I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From where I live I can only see 4 houses in the horizon!!!!!!

Well, this wraps up this weeks addition of "Tour Tuesday"! Hope you enjoyed it! I would love to see tours of your place... leave a comment with a link. Again, I am working on "mr. linky" for next week.

Have a great day!

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tammi said...

This is such a great idea! I love seeing what other people see in their areas, too. I think I'll play along next week.

We obviously live in very similar settings and homes. Our house isn't quite as old (1940), but it's small and the yard is huge. We've got neighbours directly across the road, but with our trees and their trees in between, we don't see much of them. Our next closest neighbours are about a mile away as well. Isn't it wonderful?!

I love your tree swing. We've got tons of trees, but none are the kind that would lend themselves to that kind of thing ~ at least not that would support the weight of two adults!

Dawn said...

I love your place! You are living in my dream spot. :)...and it sounds like you are enjoying it too. lol! I think I will join you in your Tour Tuesdays. It is really a great idea!

tammi said...

PS. My husband would kill for your living room (you know, literally!!) and I just stumbled across this monthly carnival that you might want to be involved in. I think it'd be right up your alley!!

Jennie said...

Great pictures, Heather. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about your post. Tour Tuesdays is a great idea, and, like you, I love seeing people's floor plans!

Your aloneness -- I would absolutely love that!!

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing! I love seeing different parts of the country and I have never been to the Midwest.

(Dave Ramsey is awesome! Saw him on your blogroll thingy.)

Anonymous said...

I'm a nosy person, too, so thanks for the peak! My front room looks like yours (hubby is a hunter, too). We're a bit like 'valleygirl'. 2.5 acres, small house, neighbors on their own 2.5 acres hidden by trees. I'm going to try your yogurt recipe. My mom made it when I was younger, also, but I've never tried it. (we go through a ton, too!) I'll give your recipe a try! Thanks, Gen

Chrysanthemama said...

Your home and yard look so inviting. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tour. I love to be nosy too!

Wow - it is so very far to your neighbours - I think that would take me a bit of getting used to.