Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tour Tuesday

I don't know about you, but I am "nosy"! I enjoy seeing other homes, homesteads, animals, kids and gardens! You don't have to show me the dirty laundry... I have enough of my own, but I do love peaks into your lives! I think I am going to start a new tradition on my blog.... TOUR TUESDAY!

First Picture:
Our youngest, Nate, on his new bike! Our house in the back ground. We live in a 1911 farm house on 3 acres.

What is this????? Are they building a Christmas manger in April? No, this is to be the home of our newest family member, "Miss Pork Chop"!!!! We are working our way back in time..... we are raising our own meat!!! Our next pig will be named "BBQ"!!! We decided it was best to name them for what they are going to be... help the kids get used to the idea right away.....

Here I am with Miss Pork Chop in her finished home! My hubby is the BEST builder!!! He always builds quality, even for a PIG! Our Ethan is posing with me.

Here is a sneak peak at our garden... not much going on yet...... SOON there will be more growing in it!!!!!

Did you enjoy this little tour????? Come back next Tuesday for more Pictures from our little Heaven on Earth.
Have a BLESSED day, Be a BLESSING!


Dawn said...

This is such a cool idea. :)

Your house is lovely! Old farm houses are my favorite.

That is one well-housed porker! Your hubby did a great job with the building.

tammi said...

I LOVE the tour!! Your garden is so organized and beautiful ~ I can only imagine it will be breath-taking once the plants are actually bearing produce. Love Miss Pork Chop's name and home, too. We've talked about fencing off half our yard and getting a couple of calves and naming them "Lunch" and "Supper." We live on a 4-acre yard in an old farmhouse, too, with 3 old barns and a wooden granary and even a bunkhouse! (I've given a 'tour' of our weather yesterday; does that count for "TOUR TUESDAY?")

Paula said...

Yay, Heather- this was great! I'm nosy, too...I love seeing what other people have done with their homes, barns, coops, etc. and I think you're on to something!!
By the way, I love your raised beds in your garden. Everything looks so neat and "Martha Stewart-ish". LOL

Sandy said...

Love Miss Pork Chop's home - and the garden beds!

Amy said...

What a spiffy little enclosure for Miss Pork Chop! I think it's swell, so let hubs know that too, OK? And Miss Pork Chop is very pretty. I can't remember, did you say that she is a heritage breed? Hey, when are you going to send your hubby over to the Twelve Acres to build some things for me? I could use a spare brooder pen for the coop that is removable when not in use. Let me know what you think! ;P

Anonymous said...


Your raised beds are great. I need to get working on mine. I might come back and show my husband how you have yours laid out.