Monday, May 19, 2008

Tour Tuesday

It's TUESDAY!!! Yeah, time for another "Tour Tuesday"! If you are like me, you are nosy! I love to see what others are up to, what their homes, yards, animals, barns, homesteads, gardens, etc are like! Here is your chance to see some more into my life and to let us have a peak into yours! Please just don't show us your dirty laundry... I have enough of my own! Go here to see last weeks addition of Tour Tuesday where I showed you all how I "see" my Grandmother throughout our home!

OK... here we go with this week's tour! We HAVE to be outside... no way am I posting inside pictures of my house this week. I CRAVE weather like this all winter..... now that it is here you won't find me inside (till dark)! My house is a disaster, but the yard is looking great (and I am ENJOYING myself)!

This is my best friend! MY shovel! Nobody better mess with it! My hubby sharpens it every year for me, so I have to be careful.

Here is one of my flower beds.... I found the barrel at a garage sale this spring. The wheel came from my Grandma (see last week's post) when she moved away from the family homestead. I'm not sure what it was originally used for, but I like having it in my yard.

The garden is starting to grow... though you can't see much yet..... the strawberries are in FULL bloom (the bottom left). I am having visions of strawberry shortcake, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry jam, strawberry Sundays, ..... oh, yeah... more tour!

I also planted two 150 feet rows of sweet corn. The farmers that farm the fields around us have been generous enough to let us put some sweet corn along the edge of their field!

This snow ball bush is outside my kitchen window... it is LOADED right now!!!!

Behind the barn.... there used to be a ton of trees right up to the back of the barn.... my hubby cut all but one of the biggest ones down this spring. We were left with a bunch of stumps and roots that needed removed. The farmers that farm the land around us did us a HUGE favor by ripping them out with their back hoe!!!! THANK YOU, Browns!!!

We now have THREE pigs!!! Pork chop isn't lonely anymore. They lined up nicely for this picture.... smallest to largest.... Mr. Ham, Miss BBQ and Miss Pork Chop. They are growing great!

Here are "my girls"! The chicks aren't so little anymore.... They are enjoying the nice weather, too.

Our neighbor used to have chickens a long time ago.... she gave us this perch this week. Hubby did some repair work on it and then we moved it in.... They are enjoying it.

OK... here is a picture of the harsh realities of country life.... one of my baby chicks got out... this is what I found the next morning.....

Lets end on a happier note! Last Wednesday night my Ethan "Graduated" from Preschool. Ethan had a wonderful year at preschool and enjoyed his program. I am always impressed with the songs and poems the kids recite... this year I was AMAZED.... Ethan participated in his first bell choir!

Well, we have reached the end of another "tour"! I invite you to participate! I enjoy your tours very much!!! Go post a tour and leave your link!!! Have a great day!

With weather like this I won't be spending very much time in the kitchen.... but my family won't go hungry! I have my menus planned and the meals are easy! Join me at


tammi said...

Once again, beautiful tour! I love your pigs' names!! You're so ambitious, raising critters, gardening, etc. ~ a real homesteader!! I think that's so awesome. I'm not sure I'm cut out for that.

I noticed your raised gardening beds last time you posted some garden pictures and I had a few questions: Is there a particular reason why you chose to make your garden this way? What are the benefits to having raised beds for gardening? Isn't mowing lawn and weed-wacking along the raised beds a bit of a nuisance?

I'm just curious. It looks absolutely marvelous, but also like it might be a bit of extra work to keep it looking that way. (I'm very lazy when it comes to gardening ~ I just don't enjoy it at all!)

Deborah said...

hmmm..I'm not sure my comment worked...anyway...I loved the tour..hope to see more people join in!

Paula said...

Come on over to my place for the grand tour Heather!
I love seeing all your pictures... this is so much fun!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

What a great tour, Heather! I love the "Three Little Pigs". Actually, I "ooohhhed" and "aahhhed" at everything!

I am so hoping to get myself together enough to participate next Tuesday. I'm just getting over a nasty virus and haven't been doing much of anything. But I'm back! Thanks for inviting me!


Anonymous said...

Loved your tour! Thank you. One of these days I'll give it a try too. I'm off this whole week so maybe I'll find the time to do a tour of my own.

Poor chickie! I hate it when things like that happen. So far I haven't lost any of my chickens to predators. I know, it's probably a matter of time. I'm doing what I can to safeguard them though.

I planted a snowball bush this spring and it's just a little thing. But hopefully some day it'll look as beautiful as yours!