Friday, May 16, 2008


Choosing simplicity sometimes means making sacrifices to get sleep. Last night I sacrificed a clean kitchen for an early bedtime. Robyn had her first softball game of the season last evening at 5:30. She did great... she is a natural catcher (I'm allowed to brag on my daughter, right?)! Anyway, it rained the WHOLE game! We were wet, miserable and HUNGRY when we got home at 7pm. I had Chicken cooked and ready to warm up... so I did that while all the kids took their turns in the shower. Chris got home shortly after we did (he often works late) and we all ate our yummy chicken. The kids hit the pillow at 8:30 and I immediately followed them! AAhhh to wake up feeling rested is wonderful!!! Waking up with a messy kitchen , not so wonderful, but worth it!!!!

What time do you usually go to bed?? I know that I need to consistently get more sleep than I do... without going to bed with a messy kitchen! Mornings are so much better after a good night sleep!

Have a BLESSED day, BE a BLESSING!!!

Planning ahead for our crazy supper times during softball season eliminates some serious stress! Keeping things simple means having a menu plan. Not only does planning a menu make life simple for us, I want to help you have a more simple life:


Dawn said...

An earlier bed time is something I am working on. It's usually 11 or later before I'm in bed. I just enjoy the quiet too much. lol!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Yikes! This one has hit me hard. I keep telling myself I need to make this change, yet I'm finding that discipline a bit difficult in this area ~ always trying to get one more thing done before resting. Your post just comfirms that I need to make this issue a priority. Thanks Heather!


MEME16 said...

I think that is a big part of the simple life and I know your kitchen did not mind and was there waiting for you when you got up--
from Meme in Canada

Amy said...

Having dinner ready beforehand is so nice. I love doing that. Since I'm a night owl and I work midnights, my normal bedtime on my nights off is 3 a.m. I get up at about noon (although 10 a.m. is even better). I love not having to wake up to an obnoxious alarm clock!