Thursday, May 29, 2008

Simply.... Stuff!

I got a phone call last weekend.... some friends of some friends lost their home to a fire on last Friday. They are a family with 5 girls and their house was the family homestead, in the family for 150 years. So sad. I understand how they feel more than most. The year before I got married (I was still living at home with my parents) our home was destroyed by a fire. It is tough. It isn't something I would want anyone to go through. However, the one thing you learn when you experience it is that stuff is just stuff. Our family was all fine, their family was all fine... that is what matters. Is it easy loosing all your earthy possessions? NO! However, we don't come into this world with stuff and we won't leave with it...... Because I went through that situation I don't hold on to material possessions extremely tight. I enjoy the blessings God has given us (especially ones that reminded me of someone), but if we lost everything we would be OK. (Not to say I ever want to have to go through that again.)

It has gotten me thinking..... what causes me the most daily frustration and stress???? The answer: STUFF! What???? Yes, all the stuff that has to be cleaned, picked up, put away, organized, taken care of!!!!! Stuff accumulates so fast that it takes over!!!! It sucks life right out of me... constantly needing my attention. It steels time away from my family and friends. It robs my joy because it constantly makes me feel "behind". YUCK!!!

So This week I am really focusing on praying and seeking God about our "stuff"! What does He desire. Of course we must have the necessities, but more stuff is almost a curse! In order for us to live a "simple" life, I believe we have a lot of stuff that needs to go. I will be going through each room this summer purging stuff. I will be praying for guidance and wisdom... I don't want to be unwise and get rid of things I will have replace, but I also need clarity to see things as God sees them....

I am embarking on my summer adventure: The Great Purge!!!

Anyone else struggle with "stuff"?? Am I alone in it being the root of a lot of my stress and daily frustration??? Have you done what I am getting ready to do and eliminate??? I have come to the point where I have no desire to be measured by my earthly possessions.......

Please keep this family in your prayers... they have a long road to get down.

I am glad that supper time isn't a stress for us anymore! Join me at


Cara Putman said...

Stuff is such a burden. yet it only seems to burden me in our family since I'm the primary organizer, cleaner, etc. I try to throw something away for everything that comes in, but it doesn't always work.

tammi said...

Oh, I SOOOOOOO need to purge, too. For several years already, I've said we need to get rid of at least half our kids' toys and outgrown clothing and other miscellaneous STUFF, but it's just never been done. I get rid of a garbage bag of clothing here and there, but you're right ~ STUFF has a way of cluttering up our lives and taking over. Good luck!

Wendy said...

I did something simple to get rid of some stuff. We had a bunch of knickknacks around bookshelves and on the entertainment center. I always box them up when I decorate for Christmas (yeah, more stuff). This year, the only thing I put back were the framed pictures after putting away Christmas decorations. We still have the knickknacks because they were gifts, we just don't display all of them anymore. Makes it much easier to dust.

I'm not getting rid of kids' clothes or toys until I'm sure we're done...but they do go in the basement for storage.

Michelle said...

My favorite thing to do is have a big box or basket in the basement closet, throw things in there as I come across them that we don't need and then make it a goal to fill a bag for VVA or Lupus every time they come around - works great!