Monday, May 19, 2008

A penny saved is a penny earned!!

Choosing Simplicity requires careful spending of our money. Anyway, our Grill was destroyed 2 years ago when a storm knocked down a BIG tree.... my sister gave us their extra grill..... it worked, till now. Boy have we had a craving for grilled food. We went and looked at grills a couple of times..... we decided that we would wait.... watch for clearances later this summer. This weekend we decided to look at replacement parts and my hubby decided to give replacing the "guts" of the grill a try. I will tell you... this is a stretch for my hubby! This man can BUILD anything, but he doesn't feel real comfortable with mechanical things.... He did it!!!!! He completely took apart the grill, cleaned it with my favorite store bought cleaner (Greased Lightening) and put in all the new "guts"!!!!!! (to see my favorite homemade cleaner go here) The replacement worked, totally worked (We now even have "ignition")!! Complete with new lava rocks we have a *new* grill for $25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight we shared grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and grill toasted buns!!!!! YUMMY!! I know they tasted better knowing we SAVED at least $125 by not purchasing a new grill!!!

A penny saved is a penny earned.... My hubby works hard for our money! I am proud of him for being willing to step out of his comfort zone to fix this grill. Now, how can I take his example and step out of my comfort zone to be more frugal??????? Have you done something recently to save your family money?? We will NEVER have the "best" STUFF, but I'll take our repair jobs to debt any old day!!!!


It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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Anonymous said...

Not only did you save money, but you saved the landfill from receiving one more grill!! Don't you just love it? Frugality rocks! Gen

Anonymous said...

We live in a rural subdivision and my neighbors wheeled out what looked like a new grill, to my husband and I, to be picked up by the trash collectors.

My husband tinkers with alot of stuff so he brought it home and hooked it up to a tank and it worked! All that was wrong was it needed two new burners. He went back to the neighbors and told them he got it and fixed it to see if they wanted it back and they told him to keep it as they had already gotten a new one.

So we have a less than year old grill. We needed one too! Ours was over 20 years old and my husband had just kept reinforcing it.

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Love the frugality and especially how you have honored your husband in this post. It's precious!