Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Garden..... and gas prices....

The garden is almost completely planted!!!!! (I will post some pictures soon)
Yesterday I managed to get it almost all in.... (I only had an hour and a half window of time) Just have to get the rest of the tomatoes and peppers planted and I will plant my next batch of green beans in a couple of weeks. It rained last night and now we have a chance of rain the next 3 days!... PERFECT!!! I still need to get more flowers planted, but the veggies had to come first.

A life mission of ours to choose simplicity for our family. Well, if this wasn't already a goal the gas prices are certainly pushing us even harder. We have told the children that this summer is going to be different.... we are calling it our Little House on the Prairie summer. Usually the kids participate in a couple of VBS programs, softball/baseball, 4H and some summer enrichment programs offered through school. However, this year everything will be LIMITED! Gas prices officially hit $4.05 in our small town!!!!! YIKES!!!! Since we live so far out every drive is MILES.... this summer we are staying home! Robyn is playing softball, but we have told her we might have to pull her out if prices go much higher. We need a little car.... please pray that God leads us to a more fuel efficient option for our family. We are still participating in 4H... most of the work is done at home and then the fair is so much fun! Choosing simplicity when gas prices soar means for us the kids and I STAY HOME!!!! We have so much we can do here. I am really looking forward to this summer... we are going to make it a priority to build tons of memories!

Have a BLESSED day, Be a BLESSING and remember: GOD is our provider!!!!! He sees Gas Prices, He sees our needs.....!!!!!!

One way we save a ton is by having our meals planned. I can help you save money and get completely organized for supper!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You've hit $4.05 already? We haven't yet, but I'm sure it's coming (north of Chicago). I know what you mean...I rethink the situation before I drive anywhere. I also bike to work (14 hrs/wk) a few days a week to save gas. Congrats on the garden! I think all my seeds are in. Have to wait a few more days for the plants. It's such a delight, isn't it? I really enjoy your blog. Gen

Melissa said...

our gas is $3.79, but it was $3.54 just two days ago! It has gone crazy!

Amy said...

It really says something about America when gas prices affect what we do. At least the soaring prices will have contributed to a better quality of family life in this country. Perhaps this is just what the doctor ordered for our detached, always-on-the-go society?

Gas here in NW Ohio was $3.89 yesterday! I didn't fill up, hoping the price will drop a bit before I do.

tammi said...

I know what you mean about the drive to anywhere being miles and feeling the effects of the high gas prices. We're paying almost FIVE per gallon already. Gross. Your kids might miss some of the activities, but I bet you'll all remember this summer as being one of the best and most relaxing.

Hubby's just finishing in the garden this afternoon. The tomato plants will wait for a couple of weeks yet, but they're almost too big for the pots I transplanted them into last weekend! I bought fairly large ones from the greenhouse this year and we're having trouble figuring out where to store them! The risk of frost is not over yet ~ we generally don't put them in the garden until June 1.

Farmhouse Blessings said...

We are making the same adjustments in our family as well. For some time now, we combine our trips and go to town only once every two weeks if possible. Even our homeschool group disbanded and we are meeting with only those within a 5 mile drive. Our previous drive was 45 miles each way.

But we are learning to find joy in every circumstance. Finding pleasures here at home and extending more hospitality to those around us.

I'm sure your summer will hold joys that you can't even imagine!

So happy about your garden. My "experimental plot" is not progressing like I had hoped. But we're making the changes we need to be successful this fall and next spring. My motto is never, ever give up!


Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Gas will be the rebirth of the American family or the ruination of it! I make lists for Hubby to bring home things so I don't make an extra trip to town. We really have to consider things before we go anywhere.... Our summer vacation will be right here at home; canning and enjoying ourselves right here.