Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eliminating some "stuff".....

Ok, in my previous post I talked about "stuff" and my desire to purge! Now you might think that this post is opposite, but I want to eliminate all those plastic shopping bags that quickly add up. I have found some good ways to store and use them, but they I would like to have LESS of them. They are NOT good for the environment, either. I think that these bags from Lehmans are my solution.... what do you think???

Have a BLESSED day,


Anonymous said...

Oh, getting rid of excess stuff is so hard, and it is never done. We climb 19 steps to our front door, and still! the poundage of what comes up those stairs. Why do we do it??! I first started "de-junking" over 5 years ago, and still it comes in.

As for bags, I sew mine of nice-patterned upholstery fabric, and I made 4 for my daughter who is moving out on her own soon.
1. A rectangle 20" x 40", fold in half and sew sides;
2. fold the corners and sew across to make the flat bottom (can't explain in words! Try it with pins to figure it out.)
3. Cut 2 handles 4" x 20" and sew them folded in quarters lengthwise,
4. put handles 6" from side seams and hem the top, doing an "X" over the handles. Cheap and easy and very sturdy.

Anonymous said...

I too have made my own, though from some sturdy clearance fabric from Walmart when ours was closing their fabric section. One of my bags will hold two gallons of milk and whatever else you can fit in after that. It would take at least 3 plastic bags to do that. I used the pattern from here - - though my handles were made from the left over fabric I had and I didn't use webbing. Crystal had it linked on her website. One thing I like about the Lehman bags you linked is that they have something to help them stay open while you load them. That would be nice but isn't always needed. I did have one bagger once who only had use of one hand. It took him a bit longer but he was able to load the bags. Adding the webbing would have helped make them stiffer. I like using the fabric bags. My stash of plastic bags is finally dwindling. Not sure what I will do for bathroom trash sacks afterwards though. =)

More than Survival said...

Ellen and Stephanie,
Thank you for encouraging me to SEW some bags!!! Thank you both for instructions! I think I can do this... and for less than buying them..... I might still buy one set from lehmans and see if I can figure out how to sew them like theirs... I like how theirs stay open...
THANK YOU! I will update on my progress.