Monday, May 26, 2008

Tour Tuesday

Tour Tuesday is here again!! I hope you have all had a wonderful memorial day weekend! To see last week's addition of Tour Tuesday click here. I will forever be a "nosy" person! I love to see into others lives and don't mind sharing some of mine.... lets just keep our "dirty laundry" piles to ourselves.... though my laundry is more caught up right now than it has been for a while! (YEAH!)

My husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday.
When I was growing up I prayed for two things relating to my future husband: I prayed that he would be taller than me and that he wouldn't be a dairy farmer..... ( my grandfather was a dairy farmer and my uncle still is.... dairy farmers never get a day off. For some reason cows want milked every day.. twice a day at that! The nerve!!! Next time you drink a glass of milk send up a little prayer for dairy farmers... they are one dedicated bunch.)
God has a sense of humor, Chris is 6' 6"!!! He is a country boy, going "farmer", but isn't and never will be a dairy farmer! God truly blessed me with this man!
Last Thursday we went on a "get-away" of sorts! Thank you again, Mary Lou! (My mother in law stayed with the kids over night).

While Chris and I were on our "get away" we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. We realized we haven't been to a movie (just the 2 of us... no kids) since we got married!!! WOW! We enjoyed our selves and even treated us with a BIG tub of popcorn (with butter) and 2 large cokes. (a splurge for sure... but once every 12 years is probably affordable!)

We came home and went FISHING with the kids Friday night! The blue gill were really biting!
Here is Ethan with his first catch of the year....

Here is Robyn.... waiting for a bite.... she can now bait her hook and take the fish off!!! She caught several!

Wes with one of 2 Bass he caught (in addition to several blue gill).

Nate and I with his FIRST fish!!!!!!
He LOVED the experience and caught about 6 total!!!! He did a great job. He didn't want to leave.... I think it is official: all the kids love to fish!

The "MESS" of fish!! We packaged it up to save for a big fish fry.

Here is the mystery of the week: When we went to bed the bags were in perfect condition. When we got up in the morning the top soil bags were torn open.... What type of creature would do this??????? Any ideas??

Some fresh bread!!! I am enjoying this recipe. It is easy to mix up and is yummy!!!!

The iris opened up this week!

Nate sure does love his dog! I think it is mutual!

Here we are at the back of the barn... facing towards the road (see the house in the upper left corner? My garden is in the fenced in area on the left.)

Remember what this area looked like last week? The mess of tangled roots is gone! We spent pretty much the entire rest of the weekend working back there. We had to drag away the roots, fill in the holes, smooth over the surface and clear out some random junk. Then hubby cut open the barn to create a door to the barn and he built the corral!!! The stall he cut access to was FULL, I mean FULL, of old rotten hay. It took 3 pick-up loads to haul it all out.

We are getting some cows in about a month... getting ready! I TOTALLY understand why pioneers could eat butter, eggs, bacon and potatoes everyday..... if I worked this hard day in and day out I would, too!

My handsome hubby working away on the corral. He is the hardest working man I know... he works circles around me and I am no wimp! I can't believe how much we got done this weekend!

Wes helping his Dad!

Isn't this the life???!!!! They don't have to fork out hundreds to lay in the mud... they get "spa treatment" everyday! I tell you what, nothing tastes quit as good as meat raised on your own property!

OK.... What kind of eggs am I going to get today??? This is what I found when I went to get the eggs!!!! I guess the cats have finally found out how comfortable the coop is! LOL!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this week's addition of "Tour Tuesday"! I can't wait to go on your tour!! Post a tour on your blog and leave your link!

Have a BLESSED day!

It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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Anonymous said...

The cats....
Our two cats had kittens..and later moved them to the nest boxes. Funny thing is...when we'd gather eggs, there would be one egg in each of the two boxes with kittens in them! Guess the hens just laid their eggs on top of the kittens! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us be nosy again! I love the cats in the nest boxes! Gen-IL Homesteader

tammi said...

Sounds like you've had a full, but rewarding weekend! Look at all that fish! Man, it's been forever since hubby's brought home a mess like that! And both our girls just INHALE fried fish, so we usually go the safe route and cook it all up right away because it usually ends up not being enough!

Love the pictures of your kitties in the coop! So cozy and cute!!

Dawn said...

Looks like your kids really enjoyed the fishing. A fish fry sounds delicious!

How was the movie? I didn't know they made a new Indiana Jones. Cool!

Michelle said...

The cats were my favorite - so cat-like!

Beautiful family - enjoy!

Country Girl said...

Happy Anniversary! Your husband sounds a lot like mine, we too have been married 12 years. He is a handy, hardworking man!
Love the pics of the kids fishing, we do a lot of that too and utilize our catches making up chowders and fish fry's. I would love to join your tour Tuesdays, what are you looking for...give me some ideas.

Deborah said...

happy Anniversary! I loved your tour, but I better not let my boys see it...they've already been bugging their dad to go fishing!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you'll get tabby striped eggs from your cats? They look so comfy in those nest boxes. How cute!

Congratulations on your anniversary. You two make a handsome couple!

You have some nice, big Blue Gill at your place! I love eating them, they're so tasty. It looks like you caught enough to have a nice fish fry.

The Daileys said...

I found your blog through my cousin's blog and I love it! I can't wait to join in next Tour Tuesday! What a great idea :) And I love the cats in the chicken coop- LOL! You an just see them saying "thank you" for making that coop just for them! LOL!

Was Indiana Jones any good? We are planning to go soon...