Sunday, May 4, 2008

Breaking the "silence".....

What did I learn in my time of "silence"?
  • I learned I had been on a constant "intake" of some kind of information
  • I was on "auto pilot" too often.... I would catch myself automatically turning on the truck radio, turning on the computer, picking up a magazine!
  • As the days went on, my mind cleared and I actually had some "margin" in my thinking! My poor brain had a break from constant input!
  • It was almost like "detox"..... I needed this! Get the junk out so I can get more of GOD in!
  • I am going to have some new limits to my "intake" (ie... don't automatically turn on the radio as soon as I get in the vehicle, don't keep the radio/music on all the time at home, LIMIT my computer time, reading time and tv time) I need to digest what I intake before I take in more. I will be very purposefully about what I do "consume".
  • One of my Bible studies was dealing with contentment/finances..... not consuming so much of the world really helps me to avoid discontentment!!!!
This was a wonderful experience. I will be back posting, but I am going to limit my computer time.
"Tour Tuesday" will be back tomorrow!!!

It is 5 o'clock.... What is for supper???
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tammi said...

I think we would all benefit from taking these "mental detox" breaks on a regular basis! I'm so glad this was a positive, growing experience for you ~ but I'm glad you're back, too!!