Thursday, April 24, 2008

Turkey hunt success, fruit trees, and silence....

TURKEY hunt!!!! My hubby got his FIRST turkey yesterday morning!!! YEAH! It is a beautiful one!
We now have some turkey in the freezer. There is a one Tom limit (no hens allowed) here, so he is done. He is going to take a friend out on Saturday.

The boys thought it was COOL!!!!!

FRUIT TREES: The past few days have been BEAUTIFUL weather! I really love warm weather. I feel like a different person in the spring/summer than I do in the winter. I literally CRAVE the sunshine warming my skin. CRAZY?? Probably, but it is who I am! I spend as MUCH time as possible outside on days like today. My Hubby had the day off (he took it off for turkey hunting, but since he is "bagged out" we spent the day together). We planted FRUIT trees!!!!!!!!! When we purchased this place it came with 2 mature peach trees (that produce fantastic peaches) and 1 junk apple tree (that we have cut down). Last year we added 4 apple trees and 2 apricot trees. Today we planted 2 more peach trees, 2 pear trees, 2 cherry trees and 10 more apple trees!!!!!!! Five years from now I will (God willing) have fruit coming out of my ears!!! PTL!!!!!

I will not be posting any new posts for a week. I will go into more detail later, but for a week I am following God's leading and stepping into a world of silence. I am participating in 2 Bible studies that have both hit on the same topic (I must be hard headed if it takes not one but TWO studies for me to get it!)..... Getting into the word on a DAILY basis. Why is this soooo hard???? The biggest reason we all give is because we are BUSY!!! Yes, I am busy.... so are you! We live in a BUSY world. However, I still make time to get online, read other things, watch tv, listen to the radio, talk on the phone, etc.... God has been really convicting me on my choices, my priorities, my focus, my attitude, my personal discipline. We live in a world of constant "input", constant noise of some kind. For the next week I will be entering a world of silence..... (yes, I will still talk). I am ready to HEAR God! I am ready to be "still"!

Have a great week! I will be back after this time and look forward to another addition of "Tour Tuesday". I am going to show you my "views".

May Menu comes out on the 25th! Grill season is here... I have included a grill recipe each week. The sample menu will be updating soon.


tammi said...

I wish I was as gung-ho about growing and raising my own food. I guess that part of the city-mentality is still with me!! I totally hear you about craving the warm sunshine in spring. We had a brief glimpse of it two weeks ago, but since then, the temps have hovered just above freezing. I'm SO looking forward to warm weather!!!

I will miss you over the next week ~ I've enjoyed getting to know you ~ but I totally understand. I may need to have one of those weeks myself. I find I don't seem to have much to say lately. Not that I feel pressure to write, or anything like that, but it feels weird to go days without saying anything and so I just post pictures. Whatever. I wish you all the best as you silence yourself before God and wait on Him.

Oh, and I need to let you know that I tried your trick of cooking venison in vinegar tonight. I was making one of our favourite casserole-y type dishes that requires beef, onions, and jalapenos to be pre-cooked before mixing with everything else. I was a little nervous, but I cooked the meat WAY in advance, just in case I'd want to feed it to the dog and cook another pound!! But I didn't ~ it was awesome and worked just like you said! I didn't even think about it while we were eating that it wasn't ground beef until hubby asked if I'd tried the vinegar trick! Thanks for the great tip!!!!

Amy said...

That's a nice turkey your hubby got. I would love to be able to just hear one around here so that I would know they've come back. But I think there isn't enough wooded area for them around here. Perhaps I should raise some and release them? NOT! I hope your week of silence is fulfilling to you. I've gone through that myself and have found so much meaning and purpose that way. I am confident that you will be blessed by it. I'll miss you while you're away. Your posts always have such good in them.

Technonana said...

I don't think you are hardheaded, I think works that way ALOT, just so we know that He REALLY IS speaking to us!! And usually it's about something that REALLY matters!! So, sister, I'm there with you!!! Love the picture of the turkey... we don't see as many around here as we used to, too much construction!

Stacee said...

Thanks so much for posting on my blog! It was such a blessing to see a post from someone I don't know spreading encouragment!! That really made my day!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that ya'll are raising your own food. We have the garden, eggs & have butchered a few chickens in the past but would like to try the hog. We are looking for a bigger place so have decided to wait this season before building anything new. I love the Tuesday tour thing. I'm a bit nosey too! I like to get ideas from seeing others homesteads.