Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Surviving with Fast Track Cooking!

Life is a little crazy around here! We are up to our eyeballs with 4-H projects and All Star softball! Why oh why did I let the kids sign up for soooo many projects????? Wes has 8, Robyn has 7! We are making GREAT progress.... they are all due to the judge next Tuesday night. Our county Fair opens Saturday the 19th.

Robyn was selected for softball All Stars! This was a surprise because she played up a level this year (she is a year younger than the other girls on the team). As a proud Mama I have to brag a little! She is a dynamite catcher! Robyn has had practice EVERY night since Sunday... has today off then practice Thursday before games start on Friday thru Sunday.

Yesterday was a productive day, and "Fast Track" cooking made life much simpler and kept us out of the local drive thru!
I pulled some browned deer burger from the freezer and mixed up some sloppy joes. I put it in my small crock pot and it was ready to go! (Total time spent fixing supper: 10 minutes) Some fresh salad and some cantaloupe and the meal was complete. My hubby worked LATE so he could eat when he got home. (He didn't get home till 7pm) I really appreciate my mom teaching me to mass brown hamburger... she did this as we were growing up. "Fast Track" cooking helps keep life SIMPLE! (well at least simple in the kitchen!)


I utilize the "Fast Track" cooking principle in all the menus I create for Simple Family Supper! Save some time in the kitchen: Keep things simple!

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