Wednesday, July 30, 2008

History, Cooking and Children....Three of my FAVORITE things!!!

Today I took the boys to the library. (By the way, we are a family of ALL boys for the week! Robyn is spending the week with my Aunt and her family! I have spoken with Robyn everyday and she is soaking up all the "Grandma" attention! My Grandmother (Robyn's great grandma) lives a mile away from my aunt, so they have seen her everyday.... FUN!)

Anyway, back to 3 of my favorite things.... while at the library I found this book!!!!!! I have really enjoyed looking through it and I am envisioning several cooking/history lessons in the future!!! I just know that many of you out in the "bloggie" world will enjoy this book, too. History, cooking and children! Sounds like a great time and some learning along the way. Even though we aren't an "official" home-schooling family, I believe that life should be a life-long learning endeavor... I want to learn something new every day and want the kids to also.
Enjoy the book!

One more thing: I came across this interesting post from "The Dollar Stretcher" during some research I am doing on the great depression. I enjoyed "Grandma's tips"!


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tammi said...

Very cool! Sounds like a great find!!