Monday, October 20, 2008

The blur of life....

I know I am not the only one whose life seems to woooosh by! The fast pace of our culture, the never ending to do list keeps us hopping! More Than Survival, Choosing Simplicity is my passion. Enjoying the simple moments of life without being distracted by the "next" thing. Savoring life as it unfolds rather than focusing on the completing the next thing on my list. It is HARD to live this way, it is EASY to get caught up in the wooosh! It takes SACRIFICE to choose simplicity, it takes GIVING up GOOD and WONDERFUL things to treasure the select few that are the BEST! I am always in the process of evaluation of our home and family... I am always in the process of evaluation of my attitude.

My attitude is a good clue if life is simple or complicated! When my patience level drops, when I am snapping at the kids, when I feel like time with my husband is a "scarifice" to geting other things done then I am WAY too far away from simplicity and have given ing to the whrill that life will automatically take me on! YUCK!

We have had a TON of stuff going on in our life the last couple of months and it has kept me HOPPING constantly... I am DONE! Last night my hubby shot his first deer of the season. It is bow season right now, his favorite time. He shot a large bodied 8 pointer!!! Yeah, lots of meat!! I was really excited for him, but you want to know the truth?? I was a little annoined that I had to give up my time (I had some pressing things that needed done) to help him bring the deer home, gut it, wash it and hang it (about an hour and a half). Rather than joyfully celebrate and thank God for the meat for our freezer, my flesh was reacting in selfishness!!!! This is NOT how I want to be!!! I have always enjoyed helping my husband with the deer (as gross as that might sound) and he has enjoyed my enthusiasm.... last night he didn't feel it and I know that had to hurt his feelings.

Choosing Simplicity! What do I need to give up to keep life simple???? This is again going to be my prayer focus. God wants me to be a blessing to my husband and children. God wants me to be full of smiles, not rants about what needs done!!! I've been way too much Martha and I need to be more Mary!!!

What about you? Do you face this challenge, too??



tammi said...

Oh my goodness, this is worse than a daily challenge ~ it's a minute-by-minute thing for me!! I have a hard time getting excited about a lot of things that thrill hubby, but I really want to work at changing that, at least a little. (but I'm glad he gladly takes care of the deer all by himself!!)

Leanne said...

congratulations on the deer!

Erin said...

thank you so much for this reminder. i feel like this has consumed me this past week (and it has only just begun). i needed that re-focus.