Sunday, October 5, 2008

Celebrating Birthdays!!!!

Happy Birthday to my youngest, Nate!
He turned FOUR on Friday, October 3rd.
Here he is on the day he was born.... it was my fastest birth and BIGGEST baby of all four. He was such an easy baby! BLESSED!
Happy Birthday also goes to Nate's GREAT-GRANDPA HAAN.... his birthday buddy! Of all the children (6) grandchildren (??? lots) and great grands (?? TONS) Nate is the only one that finally landed on his birthday! I really NEED to get a picture of the two of them together.

Happy Birthday also goes out to my mother in law, Mary Lou. She will celebrate her birthday this coming Tuesday. I had been hoping to wait out to have Nate on HER birthday, not realizeing that Grandpa Haan's was the same week. Mary Lou was VERY excited to have a grandson born on her father's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! (Here she is holding newly born, Nate.)

Here is Nate from this summer!
He is a TON of fun!!


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Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday Nate! He was so precious then and now he's very handsome!