Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's that time of year!

Awana (local kid's Bible Club) has a "Fall Party" for the kids. The parents participate in "Trunk or Treat" and hand out candy to the kids from their trunks. I love it! It is a wonderful and safe alternative to the trick or treating.

This year I had a Pizza Delivery boy (Wes), a Pirate (Robyn), and 2 Soldiers (Ethan - left-, and Nate -right-).

They had a BLAST and came home with TONS of candy.... to be enjoyed over a long time!

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On Purpose said...

Good Morning Heather, (well at least its still morning in my neck of the woods)

I feel so amazingly blessed to have you visit my blog!! The blessing comes when you then lead me to read your blog! And so I arrive here right now and see this adorable picture of you kids!! And it doesn't stop there...your blog is about being simple...which I am yelling amen right now!! And then I notice in the picture that two of your boys are wearing the soldiers costumes...which happens to be the same exact costume that Nana just sent my oldest boy for the Fall Carnival on cool is that. Hello My New Friend, I feel blessed to meet you today!

Nancy M. said...

Your children are so cute! I love dressing up and so do my kids. We had our trunk or treat on Sunday and they had a blast!

Leanne said...

They are getting so big! I think its so cute that Robyn was a pirate!
Thanks for the compliment on the pictures...I never would have thought of doing those if it hadn't been for you. They are becoming some of my most treasured possessions over these past few years...
Have a great day. Hope to see you sometime:-)