Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something real....

Our nation is facing BIG challenges. I have posted about the urging I have felt to be more stocked up here at our home. Many people are facing job losses... I live in Indiana. Amy, from the Motherload, is also from Indiana. I was actually born in her neck of the woods. Amy is DOING something practical to help her fellow Hoosiers. I am supporting her efforts and I challenge you this holiday season (yes, it is here) to look for ways you can do something REAL to help a struggling family. There are so many ways we can do this... here are some of my ideas, please leave a comment with more. (Leanne, thank you for posting about what Amy is doing... I hope more and more spread the word)

  1. Support efforts, like Amy's
  2. Keep your eyes open for a family in your church or neighborhood that is struggling and do something practical to help out (drop them off some groceries or dinner, include their children in your Christmas gifts, buy them a gas card, etc)
  3. Participate in local "Christmas Give" opportunities
  4. Adopt a single mom and give her practical helps like fixing things around her house, having the kids over to give her a break, fixing her dinner, having them over for dinner
  5. Practice hospitality: Have others over to your home, build up friendships! Encouragement in the form of friendship goes a LONG way in helping people get through hard times.
  6. Send an anonymous note with a gift care to a family
  7. volunteer your time and talents to help others
  8. be creative!
In any challenging situation we can be used by God to bring GOOD! In stressful times we are more likely to seek after our one and only true provider, our Heavenly Father. As Christians we can embrace these days as a chance to reach out to others in the name of Jesus. We have the opportunity to bring others to Jesus! We are living in times of wonderful opportunity!


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Leanne said...

Your post was awesome! Those were some of the things that we like to do! I LOVED your ideas!