Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Apron Pattern???

I have this thing for aprons....
I have made a few, bought a few.
I would really like to have one like the one in this picture and would like to sew some other vintage style aprons...
Anyone have any suggestions for EASY patterns. I am a "newbie" at this sewing thing... learning more and more, but still LEARNING.
Anyone else love aprons?? You should see my boys wearing my aprons as we cook. I think for Christmas I am going to make some "boyish" ones for them.
Suggestions welcome! (notice in this picture that she is holding a store bought pie! LOL!)



tammi said...

Search around the blogosphere or online for apron-sewing tutorials. There's TONS out there!! Aprons are totally coming back in style ~ man, there's a whole SUB-CULTURE of apronistas out there!!!

Here's some to kick off your search:

Apron Queen
Lined Apron tutorial by Lululollylegs
Denim apron tutorial by MyByrdHouse

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
Myself and my teenage daughters wear aprons from Plainly Dressed and The Kings Daughters. Google those and look for ladies prairie pinafore they are very comfortable and give excelent coverage. As we wear modest long dresses we need a full apron to keep clean when doing our household chores. Also, there is a pattern from Sense and Sensibillity called an Edwardian apron pattern , we also wear those. We have a couple made as per the pattern and also one each with added ruffles on the shoulder straps and hem. We keep them for "best" and only wear them when serving at home functions or community aid / Church suppers etc.
I hope I have helped.
P.s Yes, that is a nice apron. Sorry I couldn't give you a web address for my apron sites.