Wednesday, June 4, 2008

muddy pig pen... muddy life?

We have had a LOT of rain in the last 5 days! Our pigs are knee deep in mud! It is a MESS out there.... trying to keep them with clean food and water is a 24 hour job... I have given up for the time being.... they are pigs after all! They get their food and their water... if they choose to step in it and get it muddy, well what am I supposed to do about that??

Watching them walk through all that mud and work ten times harder to get across the pen has got me thinking. Sometimes life feels like that. Walking through all the "mud" in life is HARD! Muddy times are DRAINING to the energy. Just getting through the day is all we can handle. Then I have to think: How much of this "mud" is my own making? When my house turns into a literal "pig pen", when my finances are all a'muck, when I haven't a clue what we are having for supper, when I miss an appointment, when I have conflict with my hubby, when I yell at the kids do I not have a lot to do with all this "mud" I am sludging through??? Procrastination is my biggest mud maker.... I'll just do that later, I don't have time right now, I would rather do x. Well, all that later really adds up and the mud gets deep! That mud makes me stressed out, and grumpy! YUCK!!!

Not living in mud and having our energy drained starts with baby steps! Take care of things NOW! Don't wait for later.... Just do in now! Write that event on the calendar right away, put the bills where they belong as soon as you walk in the door, have a menu plan to follow, start a load of laundry first thing! Doing builds momentum.... clears away the mud!

OK... I'm off to take my own advice... I am going to finish cleaning up the kitchen! Not putting it off till the morning will help me start the new day off with a smile!



tammi said...

Oh man, you're talking to the Queen of Procrastination here! This is one area I'm trying to work at quite consciously right now.

The Daileys said...

Just what I needed to hear today! I'm off to do those dishes that have been waiting. It's "later" right now!