Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flavored Iced Coffee... Saving Money, making it at home!

Flavored Iced Coffee: I have a weakness for it.... but I hate paying the price for it at the coffee shop (or fast food chain). I am all about keeping things simple and saving money. I did some research, I did some experimenting and I have come up with a recipe I LOVE!!!! You can make it ANY time you want and it costs only a FRACTION of what it does to buy it already made. Here is the easy recipe:

All you need is four ingredients:

Freshly brewed coffee... double strength
half and half or milk
your choice of flavored syrup ( they come unsweetened, sweetened and sugar free)

1) Brew your coffee in your coffee pot, just use double the grounds.
2) Pour your fresh coffee over ice to cool
3) Place some ice in a cup (I use an insulated mug) and pour in the cooled coffee. Add to it the half and half or milk (use as much or as little as you like). Add in the flavored syrup. (I started off with a TBL of syrup and went up from there... find the level of flavor that you love)




Anonymous said...

Hi from across the state!
Just a quick FYI... Around here, we make a whole pot of coffee in the morning, even though we know we'll only drink 1-2 cups each. As soon as we know we've poured our last cup we just shut off the warmer. Later in the afternoon, just about the time I need a little caffeine lift, I'll take the cooled coffee and mix it, in a pitcher, with sugar, milk and a little ice. I just keep the rest in the refrigerator for later.

Note: As long as you shut off the warmer right away, you won't be faced with bitter, too-strong coffee to make your icy concoction!

Thanks, Kimber

tammi said...

Oooo, I'll have to try this. I always just do 12 cups of strong brewed coffee and a tin of sweetened condensed milk. VERY tasty!

Bridgette said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try this!:)

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Mmmmm ~ sounds so good. My husband makes a wonderful cappachino drink in the blender with vanilla bean ice cream and whipped topping. Lots more calories but very yummy!