Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

Lunch with friends!

When I was working I would have lunch with a friend at least once a week. I really missed this when I came home.

I really enjoy friendships.... I missed the connection I felt with others and longed for "lunches"! What works for me is the "mom's group" that meets in my house each Monday morning. The children have fun playing and us mom's get some wonderful "girl" time. We settle in my living room for a time of Bible study and prayer and then we have fellowship time around SNACK (the kids favorite time of the morning!). I look forward to this morning every week. On the first Monday of the month we take turns hosting group at different homes and we have a pitch in lunch. These Monday's are extra special because we get longer time to visit. The kids love it too, because they enjoy going to each other's homes.

If you are like me and enjoy visiting with friends.... take the plunge and invite some over. Keep it simple, have each one bring something. Enjoy your time together! Women need support and encouragement that we give and receive from fellow female friends. Remember, it isn't about your house being perfect, your kids being perfect, or even you being perfect... it is about friendship and the blessing that is in our life!

Have a great day!

Give one of the EASY meals on the sample menu a try....!

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