Monday, April 7, 2008

Making your home a haven

Making your home a haven as hosted by Biblical Womanhood:

It has been BEAUTIFUL the last THREE days!!! Spring has been slow coming to our neck of the woods. We made our home a haven by cleaning up the yard from all the twigs and random things that accumulated on our 3 acres over the winter. Our yard looks great.... now I am just ready for flowers.... the bulbs are about 4 inches tall!!! YEAH!!!

I have the gardening itch! Plans, plans, plans.... ready to get dirt in my fingernails!!!!! I have to admit, in the last three days of being OUTSIDE, my house is a mess! I have to get it in order tonight! Oh, well, spring only comes around once a year... I have been couped up all winter.

Have a great day! Enjoy Spring!!!!

Spring is the time to break out the grill again.... the April menu has grill recipes!!!


Anonymous said...

We must be near each other or just in the same 'weather area', because we had a gorgeous weekend also. I was out picking up sticks and have started my seeds in anticipation of the spring garden! So nice after our LONG, COLD, SNOWY winter! (btw, I'm north of Chicago) Gen

Marva said...

It has been pretty here too. I love Spring. Just wish the pollen didn't have to quite so bad. We walk out the door and one of the two year old twins starts a sneezing. The peds said he will need to see an allergist.

Glad we're all enjoying the weather.

Katy said...

How cool!!! I will have to look into the home haven at biblical womenhood! I did a similar post yesterday about a home sanctuary! :)

tammi said...

We've finally started to feel spring-like up here on the Canadian prairies, too. I totally suck at gardening, so this year ~ after 6 years of trying unsuccessfully to have a nice garden ~ I'm just not doing it! My MIL will probably blow a capillary or two, but she's a green thumb. I'm just not!

I do love the intentional 'making the home a haven' thing. I must work on that...